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What is Camp Connect?

What is Camp Connect?

As a branch of our 'Connect' initiative—creating conversations for a more connected community—Canberra Dance Collective is excited to announce our brand-new school holiday program: Camp Connect!

Camp Connect is a four day school holiday program designed to empower our young people to learn new skills in the performing arts industry. Not only does Camp Connect provide dancers and singers with the opportunity to learn and perform their own pieces, it provides budding technicians with a chance to explore, design and execute lighting, sound or stage management during their very own show.


Students will spend the first three days of camp learning and practicing their skills in one of the following self-selected teams: Dazzling Dancers, Spectacular Singers, Luminous Lighting Crew, Sensational Sound Squad or Sophisticated Stage Hands. Students will be taught the skills needed to fully execute and operate a stage production as a their own company of students. Our team will be there to assist them along the way whilst encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.

On the final day of Camp Connect, students will meet at the theatre to bump in (set up) and prepare to present their show to the audience. Their experience will be just as exciting, challenging and rewarding as any other stage show, however this time it's THEIRS!

When and where will it be held?

Camp Connect is a four day program that will run as follows:

16th July - 9am - 3pm at Dance Edge School of Performing Arts

17th July - 9am - 3pm at Dance Edge School of Performing Arts

18th July - 9am - 3pm at Dance Edge School of Performing Arts

19th July - 9am - approx. 6:30pm at Calwell High School Theatre

How do I know which team to book my child into?

Each team specifically targets a role within the production. The following explanations may assist in selecting the appropriate team. 

Dazzling Dancers

This team is perfect for children who love to move, groove, and express themselves through dance. Students will learn the basics of safe practice including how to warm up and prevent injury, develop choreography skills, and perform their own dance pieces. This role is ideal for energetic kids who enjoy physical activity and expressing emotions through movement.

Spectacular Singers

Children with a passion for music and singing will thrive in the Spectacular Singers team. They will work on vocal techniques, stage presence, and song performance. This role is perfect for those who love to sing, enjoy musical expression, and want to build their confidence on stage. 

Luminous Lighting Crew

On the more technical side of theatre, the Luminous Lighting Crew provides hands-on experience with stage lighting. Participants will learn how to design and operate lighting for performances, enhancing the visual impact of the show. This role is great for children who are curious about technology, enjoy problem-solving, and have an eye for detail.

Sensational Sound Squad

The Sensational Sound Squad is targeted at those who are fascinated by sound and audio technology. Students will learn how to manage microphones, mix sound, and create audio effects for live performances. They will develop an understanding of the processes involved in production audio, whilst ensuring our audience can hear our performers and music appropriately. 

Sophisticated Stage Hands

For those who prefer to work behind the scenes, the Sophisticated Stage Hands team offers an insight into stage management. Participants will learn how to coordinate set changes, manage props, and ensure the smooth operation of the production. Students will also learn how to call a show by communicating sound and lighting cues to the respective teams. This role is ideal for kids who are organised, enjoy teamwork, and have a knack for multitasking.

Does my child need experience?

The best part about Camp Connect is that no experience is required! The very nature of the program encourages students to learn new skills amongst their peers. Of course, if your child does have experience in a particular area, they will be able to practice their skills with the challenge of developing original ideas with their teammates. 

How much does Camp Connect cost?

The cost of Camp Connect is $395 for the full program which includes the following:

- 3x days of workshops, training, planning and preparation

- 1x day at the theatre - setting up, preparing for and executing dress rehearsal and show

- 2x tickets to the final show

- 1x Camp Connect T-shirt

- Show costs including venue and equipment hire

- Costuming and props

Who is invited to the final show?

Our final show, on Friday 19th at 4:30pm, will be open to all Camp Connect family and friends. Tickets for this will be available via trybooking closer to the time of the event. 

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